Sony Foundation's 'You Can' Campaign

Sony Foundation, together with CanTeen are gearing up to launch a national fundraising campaign to raise $15 million to build youth cancer centres across Australia.

About ‘You Can’

'You Can' is a national fundraising campaign set up by Sony Foundation Australia and CanTeen in 2010. Its aim is to provide specialised youth cancer centres and services around Australia to address the current gap in the health care system. Currently, young Australians with cancer are a ‘forgotten generation’ who are falling through the gaps of our medical system. Young people aged between 15 and 25 have significantly poorer survival rates than children and older adults due to a lack of access to age appropriate care.

The centres and services 'You Can' aims to provide will virtually guarantee an improvement in survival rates by facilitating the collaboration of medical experts, the development of specialised treatments and the opportunity for young people to be amongst peers in an encouraging environment.

What 'You Can' does

On behalf of young people living with cancer, the long term aim of ‘You Can’ is to fund the establishment of youth cancer centres and services throughout the country. These will address the lack of improvement in cancer survival rates by providing a focus for medical collaboration amongst medical professionals, facilitating the development of clinical trials, encouraging specialist training and allowing for the delivery of a psychosocial support service equipped to deal with the issues specific to this age group.

Australia's first You Can Centre:

On May 2, Australia's first You Can Centre opened its doors at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth. The centre has been funded by a $1.8 million donation from Sony Foundation. The You Can facilities include group and recreation spaces, counselling spaces, the latest Sony technology as well as a refurbished four bed inpatient ward, so that young people can receive treatment and support in youth appropriate spaces. There is also an allocated You Can space within the chemotherapy treatment room so that adolescents and young adults will be treated alongside each other in an age-specific environment.

What's next?

Sony Foundation has committed to funding a second You Can Centre at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney. This will be part of the new Comprehensive Cancer Centre, which is currently under construction and is due to open in 2015. The You Can Centre will include chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment areas, counselling rooms and a group recreation area.

Sony Foundation is incredibly excited to be bringing this vision to life.