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Expanded wireless enjoyment

Listen to your favorite music in a wireless setting, whether it’s stereo, surround, multi-room, or via streaming service. Discover new wireless experiences and enjoy a new level of musical freedom.

High Resolution Audio

From source to speaker, Sony unites technologies for the ultimate audio experience, making High-Resolution Audio the closest thing to live music. Click to learn more and see where to buy.

Bring the house down

This is for the bass-lovers. Hit the EXTRA BASS™ button for deep, punchy sound, and lose yourself to dance as the rhythm flows through you.  



Smartphone compatible headphones with warm bass that packs a punch.

Wireless speakers

Wireless Speakers

Portable compact speakers with formidable
audio and long battery life.

Home Audio systems

High Power Home Audio System

Powerful speaker systems with deep, resounding 
 bass and widespread connectivity.