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Powering your journey

You don’t have to be worried about running out of power anymore. Wherever you are, whatever happens, Sony’s portable chargers are always ready for the journey.

Explore Sony’s Battery features

Power your devices with a high output current of at least 1.5A for fast charging. LED indicators on all models allow you to check the remaining charge at a glance. With high power output, select models also let you charge multiple devices at the same time, or simultaneously charge your portable charger and device using the pass-through function.

Connected dual USB and LED indicator

Charge your smartphone and tablet at the same time

1000x rechargeable

Our portable chargers contain Hybrid GEL technology to ensure they are safe for travelling. Built to last, a charger will retain up to 90% power after one year and provides up to 1000 charges in a lifecycle.

Sony’s Lithium Polymer batteries made to last

Our portable chargers contain Hybrid Gel Technology batteries

Lithium Polymer batteries

Safety functions

Advanced safety features protect both your battery and Smartphone.

Timer icon

Safety Timer

Once your smartphone or other device has been fully charged the safety timer terminates the charging process to prevent overheating.

Thermometer icon

Temperature Monitoring System

The electrical current stops when the battery temperature exceeds a maximum level. This protects both the portable charger and your device.

Charge in full colour

Be as picky choosing the colour of your battery as you are with choosing the colour of your Smartphone, both of which always go along with you. Our chargers are so slim and compact they can fit in your bag, so you can carry them around without a second thought. Choose from a wide selection of colours and designs to match your lifestyle.

Find what's best for you

Compatible with most smartphones and tablets including Xperia™. Also use it to charge your Cyber-shot™, Handycam® and Walkman®, whenever and wherever you need. Choose the model that fits your needs.

Lightweight power-up

For shopping, walking, you can use these models for daily uses casually. Provides up to 1 full charge of your Smartphone.