• Boasting its approx. 42.4 effective megapixel resolution, α99 II has a 35mm full-frame CMOS image sensor with back-illuminated structure, widely expanded sensitivity range, and extra-low noise performance. It also has no optical low-pass filter that can compromise sharpness, so fine clarity and detail extend from edge to edge of every frame.
  • With detail reproduction technology to capture the essence of realism, diffraction-reducing technology to maintain clarity even at smaller apertures, and area-specific noise reduction to lower noise adaptively and reproduce greater detail, the BIONZ X image processing engine finely tunes the image sensor's effective 42.4-megapixel (approx.) data for truer, clearer depiction. α99 II is supported by a new front-end LSI to boost image data handling.
  • Track your subject regardless of how it moves. Revolutionary Hybrid Phase Detection AF System can capture even quick imminent movements — thanks to dense AF point coverage over a wide area and accelerated readout by the new image sensor for high-efficiency processing of vast amounts of phase-detection information. Through this sophisticated AF system — and faster shutter action due to a newly developed charge unit in the shutter mechanism — you can shoot up to 12fps continuously with steadfast AF and AE tracking, allowing you to catch decisive moments in sharp detail at the proper focus and exposure.
  • The camera achieves continuous shooting of up to 8fps for live-view shooting, using an improved display algorithm for OLED Tru-Finder and LCD monitor. Minimised display time lag lets you easily keep tracking a subject in motion.
  • Flicker from fluorescent and other artificial lighting is automatically detected and the shutter is timed to minimise its effect on still images. This suppresses exposure and colour anomalies that can occur at the top and bottom of images shot at high shutter speeds, as well as exposure and colour inconsistency between continuous shots. You can take images under indoor lighting with confidence.
  • α99 II has an AF sensor with 79-point phase-detection and an image sensor with the world’s largest array of 399 focal-plane phase-detection AF points. Sony’s original Translucent Mirror Technology allows light to reach the dedicated AF sensor and the image sensor simultaneously, so both phase-detection AF systems are always active. The AF algorithm has also been revised to support the Hybrid Phase Detection AF System. Its broad coverage and high density enable higher AF speed and precision as well as notably improved tracking performance.
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