What is one-touch?


'One-touch' refers to Sony products that incorporate ‘NFC’ technology (Near Field Communication; an industry standard).
One-touch products offer wireless connectivity, without complicated set-up. These products will also work seamlessly with other NFC capable products from Sony and many other brands.

one-touch listening

What is NFC?

NFC products use short-range wireless technology, similar to that used in contactless credit-cards.

Just like using a contactless credit card, simply touching NFC devices together can initiate wireless connection and other functions, all before you ask “what do I do next?”, and because NFC only works when you touch products together, passwords and other wireless set-up steps are not required.

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Why do you want it?

Connecting devices wirelessly often results in confusion and frustration because of complicated and time-consuming set-up.
One-touch products eliminate this frustration because NFC makes it incredibly easy to connect devices to each other by simply touching them together.

one-touch listening
one-touch mirroring

What can I use it for?

One-touch lets you connect your Smartphone, tablet or PC to an ever growing range of wireless devices with just one touch.
The following examples are just the start of what Sony one-touch products can offer.

One-touch listening

one-touch mirroring One-touch listening allows easy Bluetooth music streaming to Sony one-touch headphones, speakers, Home Theatre systems and more. Simply start music playback and touch your compatible smartphone or tablet to your listening device. No wires, no complicated set-up, no hassle, just your favourite tunes with superior sound quality. You can even answer calls and chat hands-free with Sony’s portable speakers and headphones.

one-touch listening
one-touch mirroring

One-touch mirroring

one-touch mirroring Whatever you have on your Xperia Smartphone, you can now share on your large screen BRAVIA television. Your videos, photos and web pages will look better than ever, and there’s no need for access codes or settings. Just touch your Xperia* to your remote control, sit back and enjoy viewing your smartphone content supersized on your BRAVIA television screen.

*Miracast compatible Xperia Smartphone or tablet required/Xperia Z/Xperia Tablet Z/Xperia SP/Xperia TX.

One-touch remote and share

one-touch remoteSimply touch your NFC Smartphone or tablet to a Sony
one-touch compatible digital camera to automatically connect using Wi-Fi. Once connected, you can remotely control the camera’s shutter release and other settings, and instantly receive the captured images on your Smartphone or tablet, for convenient viewing and sharing to social networks.

Do I have to use a Sony Smartphone?

No. You can use any NFC enabled Smartphone. If you are using a non-Sony phone you may need to download the free ‘Sony NFC Easy Connect’ app to make sure it recognises the many Sony NFC devices coming to market.
You can download it here

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Where can I learn more about NFC?

For more information about NFC, who supports it and what other uses it has you can visit the NFC forum.

The N Mark is a trademark or registered trademark of NFC Forum, Inc. in the United States and in other countries.