The Ultimate Precision Sound

Sony's new in-ear headphones feature finely tuned supreme sound quality, sensitivity, noise isolation and a comfortable fit.

With a variety of models that utilise a new Sony-developed Balanced Armature driver made in Japan, this new range can house up to four^ of these tiny sound-producing drivers, giving you the advantage of a separate full range sound, tweeter, woofer & even a super woofer in a single headphone.

^XBA-4, quad-driver model.
*Receive a full refund if you are not satisfied within 14 days of your purchase. You have additional rights under the Australian Consumer Law. Please ask in-store for more details.

The Sony BA Range


Contains a single full-range driver delivering excellent sound across a wide range.


Add a woofer for more defined bass and you get the XBA-2.


The XBA-3 adds a tweeter for clean, high-frequency detail.


The XBA-4 also adds a super woofer to further enhance and drive profound bass.


The world's first "boxless" in-ear digital noise-cancelling headphones, also making them the lightest.


Soft flexible fit that boasts the world's first* "washable*" structure for easy rinsing after your workout.


World's first** "Boxless" in-ear wireless Bluetooth™ headphones with music streaming and ability to take phone calls.

*IPx5 and x7 rated.
**With reference to Balanced Armature driver technology.

XBA-4 Headphones

Different headphones are made using different materials. This in turn determines their unique sound signatures. With a pair of quality Sony Balanced Armature Headphones, you'll be able to enjoy your music with greater clarity and detail – an experience worth listening to.

Balanced Armature

Sony has brought together a wide range of technologies to create the world's only Balanced Armature drivers optimised for music enjoyment. Because these driver units can be freely tuned, they are capable of a wider range of sound and by multiplexing full-range, woofer, tweeter, and super woofer units together, they can be layered for a highly nuanced sound experience.