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02 April 2015
Sony’s camera range reaches new heights, partnering with renowned Australian wingsuit duo ahead of record breaking flight over Grand Canyon

Wingsuit pilots Dr Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan
Wingsuit pilots Dr Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan lead world’s first wingsuit flight over Brisbane CBD earlier this year

·         Sony Australia announces partnership with prominent Australian wingsuit pilots Dr Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan
·         On April 7, duo will attempt world’s first wingsuit flight over Grand Canyon
·         Footage of the flight and future flights will be captured using a Sony 4K Action Cam (FDR-X1000V), a 4K Handycam (FDR-AX100E) and Alpha A7S (ILCE-7S)

Sydney, 2 April 2015 – Sony Australia is excited to announce it is partnering with Australia’s most recognised wingsuit pilots Dr Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan. The new relationship comes as the couple prepare for their next undertaking on April 7 - the world’s first wingsuit flight over the Grand Canyon, to be captured with the best of Sony’s latest 4K camera range. 

Footage of the husband and wife team’s flight will be captured in stunning detail and quality with Sony’s 4K Action Cam (FDR-X1000V), 4K Handycam (FDR-AX100E) and Alpha A7S (ILCE-7S) equipped with a 16-35 mm lens (SEL1635Z). Capturing footage of the flight will be made possible by a unique photography setup involving helmet mounts and bite-mechanisms intended for use by the pilots during their flight at the high altitude of 30,000 feet.

Best known for their record breaking flights over iconic destinations around the globe, the husband and wife team will be conducting their latest jump as a part of their ‘Flying Icons – world by wingsuit’ project. Recently completing the world’s first wingsuit flight over Brisbane’s CBD, the duo also have plans to conduct the world’s first flight over Melbourne later this year.

“As a documentary filmmaker, I’ve been a long-time fan of shooting with Sony products, so partnering with the team at Sony Australia really made sense,” says wingsuit pilot Dr Glenn Singleman. “Sony’s premium camera range makes it possible for us to capture the highest quality footage and images from our flights, giving the public the chance to see some of the most impressive locations in the world from our perspective in the sky.”

Each jump is made possible through the use of custom-made gravity powered wingsuit gliders, made to the exact dimensions of each pilot and capable of achieving speeds of 200 km per hour. The couple have previously tackled such iconic locations as the Himalayas, Australian Outback and Sydney Harbour.

“We are very excited to be announcing this unique partnership with respected wingsuit pilots Dr Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan,” said Vivek Handoo, Head of Digital Imaging at Sony Australia. “Recognised for the incredible feat of piloting their wingsuits over some of the most renowned locations around the world, this relationship will ensure the team can capture their adventures in breath-taking quality, utilising the superb capabilities of the Sony camera range. The resulting imagery will give people a real sense of what it must feel like to fly as a bird does.”

For more information on the partnership and any up-coming flights, please contact the PR team at

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