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14 May 2015
Game, set, stats. Turn your game on with Sony’s Smart Tennis Sensor

Turn your game on with Sonys Smart Tennis Sensor

Sydney, 14 May 2015 – Tennis fans can now take advantage of recent innovations in smart, mobile technologies to help them reach their sporting goals. The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor (SSE-TN1W) will connect with your smart-device to make it easier than ever to track your tennis performance accurately. Analyse, review, share and compare your progress against concrete targets, keeping yourself motivated to continually improve your game.

The ace up your sleeve
Sony partnered with top tennis manufacturers Wilson, HEAD, Prince, and YONEX, to ensure a perfect fit of the Smart Tennis Sensor with their sleek and performance-driven racquets. Thanks to its sensing technologies and newly developed vibration analysis mechanics, it has never been easier to analyse your tennis performance. To use the sensor, simply remove the racquet logo cap, affix the attachment ring, and place the tennis sensor into it. Turn the sensor on and start playing – the device will record a vast range of data such as number of shots, ball impact spot, swing type, swing speed, ball speed and ball spin.

By pairing the sensor with your smart device via Bluetooth, you and/or your coach can view your shot data live and receive advice in real time. Additionally, you can use live video mode to record and play back footage which automatically syncs with your shot data, so you can further analyse your technique. By using Slow-motion playback and creating Motionshot sequence photos[1] you will be able to dissect your every movement into all its parts, allowing you to figure out in detail where you can improve your performance.

The sensor can also record your stats in memory mode, which when fully charged will last up to 180 minutes[2]. Once your match has concluded, simply connect the tennis sensor wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet[3]. This will allow you to transfer and access the recorded data via the Smart Tennis Sensor app, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play/App Store.  The app can record rallies and simultaneously display recorded video and shot metrics, allowing you to associate the data to a specific part of your game or practice session. 

Analyse, review and share your game
The Smart Tennis Sensor app allows you to review recorded data in many ways. Look through your play overviews, analyse both current and historic data and set goals to track your progress over extensive periods of time.  By analysing the recorded data you will have a much better understanding of your strengths and points of improvement. You can even share your accomplishments with your friends by posting them onto social media and show how fast you are improving your play!

The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor is the next evolution in smart devices, it is easy to set up and use, so you can focus on the match,” saidDavid King, Sony Australia Product Manager. “After you’ve finished playing, you can use the data in conjunction with video footage to analyse your technique and improve your game - this product is literally a game changer.”

Even when switching racquets, the sensor can be conveniently transferred any time, along with all recorded data, to other compatible racquet models – making Sony’s Smart Tennis Sensor a long-lasting partner in the player’s sporting development.

Sony’s Smart Tennis Sensor is officially approved by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

Pricing and availability
The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor will be available in Australia from May 14th for SRP $249 through, Sony Kiosks, Sony Centres and leading sporting outlets. 
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[1] Requires external “MotionShot” app, which can be downloaded for free from the Android GooglePlay Store.

[2] Without Bluetooth, assuming 500 hits/swings per hour

[3] Requirement: Android 4.1 or later; iOS6.1 or later

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