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06 January 2016
It’s all about that bass – Sony launches new range of EXTRA BASS audio products

Sony launches new range of audio products for those who can’t get enough of the bass line

  • GTK-XB7 – One box high power audio system with immense power and new flashy EDM lighting
  • SRS-XB3 – Extra loud and water resistant portable wireless speaker with up to 24 hours battery life
  • SRS-XB2 – Compact and water resistant palm-sized portable wireless speaker with approximately 12 hours battery life
  • MDR-XB650BT – Lightweight wireless headphones with bass booster structure and a maximum 30 hours battery life

Sydney, 6 January 2016 – Sony today announced a powerful addition to its audio line-up, with a host of new products dedicated to delivering deep bass. Expanding the existing EXTRA BASS1 series of headphones for when you’re on the move and bringing club sounds into your home, dance music lovers can now enjoy the intensity of deep bass notes in a variety of locations using the one box high power audio system or portable wireless speakers.


GTK-XB7 One Box High Power Audio System
One box, boombastic bass. With fabulous sound, bags of power and massive low frequency response from two large 16cm woofers, the XB7 turns nights at home into a premium clubbing atmosphere, and creates an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) experience.

Sony’s unique EXTRA BASS sound uses DSP (digital signal processing) technology that cleverly processes frequencies according to the source while maintaining excellent audio quality. Music sounds and feels even more powerful, with punchy and deep bass notes that define today’s pulsing electronic dance tracks.

Exciting colour changing 3-way line lights, strobe flashes and speaker light effects interact with the music, bringing that festival vibe right into your room.

Play things your way: Multi Layout lets you position the XB7 vertically or on its side, enjoying sensational stereo sound in either orientation. There’s also a handy Speaker Add function that allows you to hook up a second XB7 unit via Bluetooth that instantly doubles your music power. 

Stunning sound, no wires: One-touch listening lets you stream your favourite tracks and playlists via Bluetooth with a single touch of your NFC smartphone or tablet. And if you want to get even more hands on, add cool DJ-style effects controlled with Sony’s SongPal app on your mobile. You can charge your phone or tablet’s battery over USB while you’re playing music. There’s also an audio input for connecting MP3 players or just about any other sound source.

  • SRS-XB3

  • SRS-XB2

SRS-XB3 / SRS-XB2 Portable Wireless Speakers
Impress your friends when you’re out and about with the SRS-XB3 and SRS-XB2 portable wireless speakers with a dedicated EXTRA BASS button to pump up the party.

A whole host of big technologies are housed inside the XB3 to achieve punchy bass and amazingly loud sound for its small size. These include a newly developed 48mm large full range speaker unit, Sony’s unique DSP which dynamically applies the optimal compression process to suit each level of a track, a large capacity battery to achieve stable, significant output power and dual passive radiators to augment the bass range.

Weighing just 930g, small enough to carry around and with a maximum battery life of up to 24 hours2 of continuous wireless use, you can party from dusk till dawn.

The smaller SRS-XB2’s powerful sound belies the eyes; its palm-sized design weighs just 480g but encompasses a newly developed 42mm full range speaker unit. Its extra strong magnets deliver a pure bass sound and the lightweight diaphragm improves sound pressure levels. The XB2 also houses Sony’s DSP and passive radiator which can deliver higher acoustic pressure and punchier bass notes than ever heard in a compact size.

A four hours recharge of the battery provides approximately 12 hours of continuous wireless use, so you don’t have to worry about running out of tunes.


Both wireless speakers have multiple usage options. The XB3 can be placed horizontally or vertically depending on your own style or space limitations. Both the XB2 and XB3 enable you to wirelessly add two speakers together using the ‘Speaker Add’ function 3 for even more powerful sound; Double mode will play music back through two speakers simultaneously and Stereo mode will play the music in stereo. Forget about spillages if your pool party is pumping as the speakers are water resistant 4. They’re also so simple to use; with NFC one-touch Bluetooth connection, all you have to do is touch your smartphone or music device to the speaker, and you can start listening to your party tracks instantly.

MDR-XB650BT Headphones

MDR-XB650BT Headphones
MDR-XB650BT is a Bluetooth compatible, compact addition to the existing EXTRA BASS series of Sony headphones. With a 30mm driver exclusive to this range, together with an incorporated bass booster structure and dedicated EXTRA BASS diaphragm, the headphones achieve highly realistic notes that precisely carves out the rhythm and groove of rich bass.

Keeping you wire-free, One-touch Bluetooth connection and music playback is offered via NFC. Compatible with AAC and aptX Bluetooth codecs, it enables premium audio quality even when listening wirelessly.

The headphones have been designed specifically to enhance the playback for deep bass. Designed with an increased contact surface area, they achieve a stable fit that can withstand the punchy and deep bass notes. The ear pads have a soft texture and fit close to the skin, ensuring a comfortable fit and well-balanced sound. The swivel design enables the housing section to be folded flat, making them easy to store and convenient to carry around wherever you go.

With up to 30 hours of continuous music playback rechargeable via USB, your party won’t stop even at the break of dawn.

Pricing and availability
The new range of EXTRA BASS audio products from Sony will be available in Australia from April 2016.

  • GTK-XB7 One Box High Power Audio System, SRP:$549
  • SRS-XB3 wireless speaker, SRP: $249
  • SRS-XB2 wireless speaker, SRP: $169
  • MDR-XB650BT headphones, SRP $279.95. 

1 EXTRA BASS is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

2 With Bluetooth connection.

3 ‘Speaker Add’ function can only be paired with the same products.

4 IPX5 rating. The device is not fully water resistant. Do not immerse in water. Do not expose to sea water.

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