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06 January 2016
GO. ON. IN. Explore the vibrant world of High-Resolution Audio with Sony’s new h.ear line-up

From left to right – h.ear on Wireless NC, h.ear in Wireless and h.ear go

  • h.ear go – The world’s smallest portable High-Resolution Audio wireless speaker; with Multi-room capability, Google Cast and Spotify Connect
  • h.ear on Wireless NC – Stylish, comfortable headband-style Bluetooth wireless headphones with Digital Noise Cancelling and long battery life
  • h.ear in Wireless – Behind-the neck style in-ear Bluetooth wireless headphones
  • All models utilise LDAC technology for wireless listening near to High-Resolution Audio quality


Sydney, 6 January 2016 – Sony today announced fresh additions to its High-Resolution Audio line-up with an eye-catching new family of h.ear headphones and the world’s smallest High-Resolution Audio wireless speaker.

A perfect match for your Walkman, MP3 player, phone or tablet, h.ear blends style, comfort, on-the-go practicality and stunning High-Resolution Audio quality. The new introductions utilise LDAC, an audio coding technology for the wireless transmission of High-Resolution Audio. LDAC supports several transmission rates according to wireless environment. It allows you to enjoy High-Resolution Audio content in exceptional sound quality by transmitting at the maximum transfer rate of 990 kbps (approximately three times more data than conventional Bluetooth audio). LDAC provides an enhanced wireless listening experience for all your music, the way the artist truly intended.

A signature of the h.ear range, all new models are available in five vibrant colours – Viridian Blue, Cinnabar Red, Charcoal Black, Lime Yellow and Bordeaux Pink. The single colour conveys a simple, subtle appearance that can easily be adapted to suit the style of individual users. From the body of the unit to its cable, components that were made from different materials or have different finishes, were all created in the same colour.

h.ear go

h.ear go: Portable Hi-Res Wireless Speaker
At home or on the move, enjoy great sound with h.ear go, the world’s smallest portable wireless speaker that is High-Resolution Audio compatible.

h.ear go packs a powerful audio punch, thanks to its newly-designed 35mm diameter High-Resolution full-range speaker unit. Left and Right channel speaker chambers are complemented by dual passive radiators that extend low-end response. Despite its compact size, you’ll enjoy room-filling sound with EXTRA BASS delivering a taut, larger-than-life low-end. You’ve also got even more music options to explore with built-in support for Google Cast and Spotify Connect.

If you’re out and about, the compact h.ear go won’t weigh you down, and with a battery life of approximately 12 hours, you’re unlikely to run out of juice. Wireless connectivity is enabled through Bluetooth and One-touch listening via NFC. Wired connection options with USB-B and Audio In are also available.

Back home, h.ear go slots easily into your multi-room set-up or can be used as a standalone speaker. Multi-Room compatibility opens up exciting new listening experiences powered by Sony’s SongPal app. Link two h.ear go units for a wireless stereo speaker system, or add h.ear go as wireless surround extension speakers to boost your home cinema set-up.

h.ear on Wireless NC

h.ear on Wireless NC: Bluetooth Headphones with Digital Noise Cancelling
Made for style conscious music lovers, the new h.ear on Wireless NC headphones stand out from the crowd with impressively detailed listening and head-turning looks.

Digital Noise Cancelling instantly makes ambient sounds fade away, letting you focus on the music and nothing else. Digital Noise Cancelling constantly further analyses ambient sounds around you, automatically selecting the most effective noise cancelling mode to suit the environment you’re in. Even with Bluetooth and Noise Cancelling switched on, up to a huge 20-hour battery life offers plenty of stamina for that transcontinental trip – or just some valuable ‘me time’ during a busy day.

h.ear on Wireless NC fits comfortably over the ear, immersing you in crystal clear High-Resolution Audio compatible sound with powerfully precise bass and beautifully transparent highs, powered by a 40 mm HD driver unit. Audio quality is further enhanced by coating the diaphragm domes with titanium to suppress unwanted vibrations and reproduce crystal clear sound with high linearity. Specially designed ear pads boost wear comfort while minimising sound leakage to ensure your music won’t disturb anyone else.

Offering the freedom of wireless listening, the smooth, compact design has a seamless finish and the fit of the headphones is designed to be incredibly secure with no gap around the head.

h.ear in Wireless: In-ear Bluetooth Behind-the-neck Style Headphones

h.ear in Wireless: In-ear Bluetooth Behind-the-neck Style Headphones
Made for elegant everyday listening, h.ear in Wireless features a light, comfortable behind-the-neck design that sits comfortably and discreetly around your neck.

Slip in the high-comfort in-ear earphones and connect wirelessly with your smartphone or MP3 player and you’re all set for breathtaking sound with exquisitely balanced vocals and instruments. Equipped with a compact, highly-sensitive 9mm driver unit. h.ear in Wireless also offers an in-built microphone and HD voice support for clear hands-free calling on your smartphone.

As a clever extra detail, there’s also a regular mini-jack input for direct connection to your phone or MP3 player – so the music doesn’t have to stop if you’re ever out of battery power.

Pricing and availability
The new range of h.ear headphones and h.ear go wireless speakers from Sony will be available in Australia:

  • h.ear go: Portable Hi-Res Wireless Speaker (SRS-HG1) – available May 2016, SRP $349
  • h.ear on Wireless NC - headphones (MDR-100ABN) – available April 2016, SRP $499.95
  • h.ear in Wireless - Bluetooth behind-the-neck style headphones (MDR-EX750BT) – available April 2016, SRP $299.95


  As a product compliant with the definition stipulated by the Japan Audio Society (JAS).

  As of January 2016. According to a research by Sony Corporation.

  Google Cast™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

  Noise Cancelling.

  Hi-Res Audio content is transmitted at 990Kbps.

Available by version upgrade from mid-2016

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