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Select & Compare VAIO™ Laptops & Computers
Sony’s collection of VAIO Personal Computers provide you with everything you need. For work, the bright LCD screens provide vibrant colours, great for video conferencing and the VAIO are equipped with powerful hard drives for high-speed computing. For play, the powerful graphics cards ensure that watching movies is a delight.
Browse the web while relaxing in the den, check out an online recipe while you cook, video chat with friends, or catch up on your email before saying goodnight. VAIO W series will add a delight in your life. Enjoy Internet every scene of your life.
A round new concept in home PCs, the TP Series belongs in the living room as the foundation of an exciting AV system. Superb styling combined with great performance — the ideal choice for any family.
A natural design, softly rounded corners and dimple finish make the NR Series ideal for modern interiors. Intuitive access and home-friendly software assure easy operation for any family member.
VAIO FZ is the 15.4" notebook which gives you a highly favourable impression with its elegant design. It brings your movies to life on Sony’s latest Clear Bright High Colour LCD 90. Performance reaches new heights thanks to cutting-edge Intel® Centrino® Duo Processor Technology.
VAIO CR is a 14.1" wide notebook which gives you the power to express yourself with pleasure.
The VAIO TZ is the ultimate all-in-one mobile PC offering ultra-light portability in a sleek compact body built rugged with superior carbon fibre construction.
VAIO SZ has solid features in delicate balance. All delicately harmonised into a slim 13.3” wide notebook.
Blu-ray’s HD capabilities will give you the advantage with detailed images that are bound to get your creations noticed. The Count on the VAIO AR38G to tell your story with a higher level of visual impact.
Slim and good looking from any angle, the fully integrated, all-in-one panel PCs of the L Series feature a stylish display. Combining power and beauty, they make ideal home entertainment centres.
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