eBook Readers

A natural reading experience. Covered.

Carry on where you left off
With a comfortable protective snap cover built in, this is the most book-like Reader around. Open it up to return to the next step in your story. Close it to save power and protect your screen.

Night light
Add a lamp to read at night or in low light.

A built-in bookmark
Save your place in the story every time you close the cover.

Protect your screen
The snap cover protects your screen from knocks and scratches.
Reads like paper

A higher-res, E-Ink screen for sharp, clear text

Open up and start reading. The 15.2cm (6”) E-ink screen is sharp, clear and comfortable on the eyes. And with Advanced Page Refresh technology, a unique Sony technology, each page turn is perfectly smooth so you stay focused on the story.
Take your reading online

Search, explore, and share with built-in Wi-Fi

Your Reader is ready to connect to a wider world with built-in Wi-Fi. No need to hook up to your PC. Buy books straight from your Reader or find extra information on favourites whenever you’re near a hotspot.

Go further with your reading
Your library, your way

Enjoy easy, flexible reading

With software for Mac or PC, you can manage, sort, and share your e-books on your computer. Share your novels across devices with Reader Apps and open EPUB formats.

Take charge of your library
Organise your books with specialised software for Mac or PC.

More reading options
Share your books across devices with
Reader Apps™.
Go further with your reading

Freedom of choice
Enjoy books from a range of online stores in the open EPUB format.
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