Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems

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Witness Outstanding 3D Realism
Visuals that keep you glued to your seat

With 3D movies in Full HD 1080p, you can feel like you're in the middle of all the movie action. Enjoy full 3D experience with your home theatre system and special 3D glasses. Exciting and immersive, a new world of 3D can now be yours.

Witness Outstanding 3D Realism 

Football Mania
Recreate the stadium thrill with wraparound sound

Football Mode uses acoustic data captured at a Brazilian football stadium to enhance your audio experience. It also has a Narration Off mode* that allows you to cut out the commentary so you can listen to the game as though you were actually there.


Football Mode
Football Mania 

Groundbreaking Speaker Technology  Groundbreaking Speaker Technology
Hear the power of superb sound

To make your audio crystal clear, this technology features a groundbreaking innovation – Magnetic Fluid Speakers. These full-range, damperless speakers use ferrofluid to deliver significant reductions in noise and distortion, allowing for more powerful sound.

Magnetic Fluid Speaker 

Advanced Auto Volume 
Dynamic Range Reproduction 
Digital Sound Enhancement Engine 
Enhanced Music
Listen to media streamed via Bluetooth® with excellent sound

Sony's Digital Music Enhancer works to improve the sound quality of media streamed via Bluetooth® with these 3 combined technologies.

Achieve the Perfect Listening Environment
Listening experience enhanced with surround sound entertainment

Through D.C.A.C.DX, Sony's original auto calibration system, any environment can be acoustically perfect, regardless of listening position or the shape, size or construction of the room. The system compensates for speaker position by establishing an optimised sound field, using a new stereo microphone for sound calibration.

* This function is only available for the BDV-N Series

Digital Cinema Auto Calibration DX 
Optimised Sound Field 

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