Xplod™ Amplifiers

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Horsepower for your sound system
Driving is always more fun when you've got your favourite music pumping. Sony’s high power amplifier delivers cleaner sound to the speakers for enhanced listening.

Explore the features of Sony Xplod™ Amplifiers

Class-D amp

It’s all about the power when it comes to amplifiers. But we went the extra mile to give you more bang for your buck with not only more power but also better power efficiency.

• Get up to 40% more power efficiency
• Gives you more power while still producing less heat than conventional amplifiers

Class-D amp
Stays chilled without shutting down

Automatic Thermal Control

Usually thermal protection simply shuts down your amp when it needs to cool down. Sony’s Automatic Thermal Control reduces the output when it gets too hot, so you can still enjoy your music and avoid sudden shut downs.

Automatic Thermal Control
Low Pass Filter / High Pass Filter

To get the full benefit of your speakers, you’ll need to send them the appropriate musical frequencies. The High Pass Filter (HPF) sends everything but the deepest bass to full-range speakers while the Low Pass Filter (LPF) sends only the deep bass to the subwoofers.

High Quality Components

Components such as audio capacitor, output transistor, choke coil are carefully selected for high quality sound as well as reliability.

Efficient Cooling Design

The Unique Thermal Control Design provides cooling air circulation that ensures stable and powerful sound reproduction.

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