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Xplod™ In Car Visual

Connectivity. Convenience. Entertainment. Enjoy it all, with mobile entertainment systems powered by technology such as MirrorLink™ and Passenger App Control.

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MirrorLink™ is a standard developed by the Car Connectivity Consortium that enables streaming of compatible smartphone screen content to in-dash receivers, facilitating control of applications and music to the receiver's touch screen.

MirrorLink™ and the MirrorLink™ logo are certifications marks of the Car Connectivity Consortium LLC.

Unauthorised use is strictly prohibited.

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Xplod™ CD Receivers

Cruise to your favourite drive tunes with advanced CD receivers that support multiple disc formats.

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Xplod™ Amplifiers

Unleash your favourite music and cut through car and traffic noise with the range, power and punch of an Xplod™ amplifier.

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Xplod™ Speakers/Subwoofers

Pick out subtle audio detail and feel every pounding bass beat with high performance Xplod™ speakers and subwoofers from Sony.

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For ultimate performance and vision, use our iPod connectors to enjoy all your personal music, and capture every possible angle through our Sony car cameras.

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