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Sony recommends Windows 8.
VAIO T Series
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Thin & light Ultrabook™
with full featured connectivity

Full featured connectivity lets you connect easily and directly to the devices you need, such as desk monitors, projectors, and Ethernet without the use of mini or micro connectors. “Rapid Wake + Eco”, longer battery life, enhanced data security, touch screen operability*, and superb audio quality make VAIO T Series perfect for anyone seeking a full featured PC. Anytime USB** charging also lets you recharge your USB devices while on the go, even when the PC is powered off.

*Touch operation is available for some VAIO T Series 13 models.
**USB cable not included.

Windows 8

Thin & light Ultrabook™ with full featured connectivity
Instant wake-up and battery-saving sleep mode

Instant wake-up and
battery-saving sleep mode

VAIO T Series with ”Rapid Wake + Eco” resumes from sleep mode in an instant, letting you get back to work right away. Simply close the lid to engage sleep mode. Open it again and instantly resume where you left off before. The use of new Intel technology allows VAIO T Series to resume from sleep mode in 2 seconds or less, and provide better protection for your data. The new sleep mode also uses much less battery power, extending your battery life!

Full flat design

The slim design fits easily into a handbag or carrying case, and the characteristic full-flat design with aluminium hairline finish adds a touch of elegance wherever you take it. Despite its slim design, VAIO T Series is robust, with special side vents for additional strength.

Full flat design
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