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If you wish to keep you high capacity AA rechargeable batteries fully functional, just use our efficient 15-minute charger that renews four NiMH batteries in just 15 minutes, extremely handy if you need to restore batteries for urgent uses. We also have a Super Quick Charger that charges four AA or AAA batteries at once, with a LCD indicator to display charge status. Catering to frequent travelers is our charger and battery combo, which is compact and lightweight. You never run out of choices.

Portable Power Supply

Made to complement the busy lifestyle of today’s mobile consumers who often carry multiple portable devices at one go, Sony brings convenience to the next level with new USB portable power supply adaptor, enabling you to charge your gadgets like mobile phones, Walkman® MP3 players, iPod® players and portable game consoles etc on-the-go.
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Power up your smartphone anywhere, anytime with Sony's entry capacity models ...

$ 39.99 (AUD inc. GST)

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Power up your smartphone anywhere, anytime with Sony's mid capacity models of...

$ 79.99 (AUD inc. GST)


Power up your Xperia Tablet, cameras and smartphone anywhere, anytime with So...

$ 99.99 (AUD inc. GST)

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