What does this function do?


Detect VAIO model is a function that allows you to automatically detect the model of your VAIO.

This works for VAIO computers only.


If the model is successfully detected and we have support related contents for that model, this page will be redirected to the page containing helpful information about your computer.


After selecting this option for the first time you will be prompted to download a small (22Kb) program that will enable this feature.


Note: At the moment, this function is enabled in Internet Explorer® Browser only.


How does this work?
There two locations where you can access this feature:

1. Model Selection Page

2. VAIO Category Page



a. The first time use for Detect My VAIO, it will prompt to install Active X.


b. Follow the instruction as stated in the image shown above.

c. Click again the Detect you VAIO button and this will ask you to install the installer.


d. After clicking the Install button above, Please click again the "Detect Your VAIO" button and it will redirect to the model support page
*NOTE: The second time the "Detect Your VAIO" button will be accessed, it will automatically redirect to the Model Support Page.