Freely adjustable stand

VAIO™ Tap 20 can be seamlessly adjusted to any angle from nearly vertical to laying flat. The stand is kept from slipping by a locking mechanism and rubber feet, so you can position the screen in the exact position that is best for you at the time. Select from a wide range of applications to use in different positioning style, such as Office applications in desktop style, board games and Family Paint in lay-flat style, and VAIO Movie Creation in touch comfortable style.

Freely Adjustable Stand

Fantastic screen

The large 20” screen incorporates a variety of technologies to maximize the shared experience. This display utilizes IPS LCD technology to provide a wide viewing angle that keeps colours vivid even when the screen is viewed from an angle. This ensures the display looks great from any direction, letting you share your PC content with others and be sure that everyone is getting a good view. Not only is full support for the touch features of Windows 8 provided, but the screen can simultaneously differentiate among up to 10 different touch points, so multiple people can operate the screen at the same during when playing games, collaborating, or just sharing the experience.

Fantastic Screen

Intel Corei5 Processor Runs Windows 8® for Great Performance

High-class performance

Equipped with Windows 8 operating system and features a new customizable start screen where you can gather together important information, such as your contacts, weather news, and appointments on a calendar. Check and access information faster than ever. Comes with the Intel® Core™ i5 processor for fast and stable performance to comfortably process even power-hungry tasks

Windows 8® Core i7

Beautiful video playback with Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2

VAIO™ Tap 20 delivers crisp, sharp images, better contrast, and enhanced edge display. Stunningly beautiful video playback is delivered by reducing noise, enhancing contrast, filtering images for greater sharpness, and managing the colour. Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 works with Windows Media Player, Power DVD, and IE 10 on desktop.


Place the mouse curser over a photograph to see the effect the Mobile BRAVIA Engine2 has on it.
Contrast Adjustment Sharpness Colour Management Noise Reduction

Contrast Adjustment


Colour Management

Noise Reduction

Excellent audio quality for full sound enjoyment

VAIO™ Tap 20 is designed for great sound performance. ClearAudio+ mode, developed with Sony’s own signal processing technologies, allows users to effortlessly enjoy audio quality. In addition, S-FORCE Front Surround 3D recreates the expansive feeling and effect of being surrounded by sound that has been insufficient in conventional front sound and Dolby® Home Theater® v4 delivers a cinematic surround sound experience.


Enjoy high sound quality in any style

Further, the right and left speakers located on the back bottom edge and the woofer located on the back top edge were placed on the bevelled edge surfaces so the sound can be heard well even when the VAIO is laying flat.

Woofer L/R Speaker

Built-in battery with Rapid Wake + Eco

The built-in battery allows family members to carry VAIO™ Tap 20 around the house without having to worry about shutting down and booting it back up again. In addition, the Rapid Wake + Eco feature allows VIAO™ Tap 20 to quickly wake up from the sleep mode or to boot quickly from shutdown.

Built-in Battery with Rapid Wake + Eco

4th generation HDD shock protection

The hard disk drive (HDD) is kept safe with 4th generation shock protection to prevent HDD failures when tilting the VAIO™ Tap 20 or carrying it around while still running. This unique technology uses axis change sensors to detect which way the VAIO™ Tap 20 is being tipped and then countering that motion to protect the HDD.

Original applications

Enjoy a variety of touch-operated original applications with VAIO™ Tap 20

Family Paint

Fingertapps Organizer

PlayMemories Home for VAIO

This is a cool design canvas. Just touch the display of a VAIO with touch panel support to create a picture just like drawing on paper to freely enjoy creating art. Email your creations or post them to Facebook, etc., to share with friends and family.

This great organizer allows you to post photographs, videos, voice messages, and other information. Use this original software as a family bulletin board. For example, the children can leave a video message for dad, or mom can leave a voice message for the kids.

PlayMemories Home for VAIO helps you create and organise photos and videos, and then share them with your family and friends. It offers unprecedented ease of viewing and editing and sharing memorable video and photo content on various outlets as well as over SONY’s cloud service.

Family Paint Fingertapps Organizer PlayMemories Home for VAIO