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Carl Zeiss lenses
As every photographer knows, ‘good glass’ is fundamental to precise image capture. Carl Zeiss crafts some of the best ‘glass’ available.

For over 160 years, the name Carl Zeiss has been synonymous with the highest quality optics. This remarkable heritage now drives the development of a premium specification range of α-compatible lenses.
Anyone who has sat in a planetarium and viewed hundreds of tiny points of light focused simultaneously on its dome by a Carl Zeiss projector, will appreciate the remarkable precision found at the peak of lens manufacture.

Sony is working with Carl Zeiss to fulfil the α promise; using unparalleled camera optics to provide Sony’s industry-leading digital sensors with the most perfect possible visual information. This formidable alliance of technologies has resulted in the Carl Zeiss ZA range of lenses, crafted exclusively for Sony.

So now exceptional images can be yours; as your full creative potential is fuelled by the powerful combination of α DSLR cameras and Carl Zeiss lenses.
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