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*Pictured with optional GP-VPT2BT Shooting Grip

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  • ZV-1

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Caption “Vlog camera ZV-1”


Front view of camera with wind screen attached, LCD screen folding out, mounted on shooting grip, with caption “Vlog camera ZV-1” and vlogger’s image displayed on screen


Sequence of vlogger removing the camera, mounted on a shooting grip, from bag, folding out the screen and beginning to shoot selfie along with several friends


Sequence of vlogger setting up the camera, with a shooting grip as a tripod, folding out the screen and beginning to shoot selfie 


Sequence of vlogger removing the camera from a pocket, attaching a shooting grip and wind screen, and boarding a train while shooting selfie


Sequence of vlogger at a city intersection, attaching a shooting grip to camera and shooting selfie


Caption “Do Cameras Sound Difficult?”


Caption “Let the CAMERA do the WORK!!” surrounding a front view of the camera


Caption “With Just 1 push” with top front view of the camera and graphic highlight of the C1 / Bokeh switch


Sequence, with graphic, of vlogger pressing the Bokeh switch while recording


Caption “Switch to a Blurred Background”


Clip of vlogger’s face in foreground, with word “Bokeh” and buildings in background turning from sharp to blurred


Clip of vlogger holding smartphone while shooting selfie, then pressing the Product Showcase button on the rear of the camera, with graphic and caption “With Another Push”


Vlogger holds smartphone screen up to the camera, and focus shifts to the smartphone screen (despite vlogger’s face still being visible) with caption “Never Wait for the Focus”. This process is repeated twice more as the vlogger holds up products to the camera, then when she moves them away from the camera, the focus reverts to her face


White rectangular frame tracks dancing vlogger’s face despite motion and rotation, with caption “Recognises & Focuses on Faces”


Caption “Even Eyes” over clip of small rectangle showing tracking of selfie-shooting vlogger’s right eye


Caption “Fast Autofocus” over clip showing focus rapidly transitioning from background to face of vlogger who abruptly jumps into the foreground


Caption “Keeps Your Face Bright” over clip of vlogger walking through dimly lit environment into a brighter space, showing how face brightness is automatically adjusted to maintain good face visibility


Caption “Natural Skin Tone” over facial shots of 4 models, showing natural skin tones for each


Shot of selfie-shooting vlogger speaking to camera, then front view of camera with caption “Clear Voice Recording”, then as wind shield appears, caption “Even in Windy Places”


“This camera has clear voice recording, which is perfect for recording your voice, even in windy places.”


Caption “And More” as external mic with wind shield appears attached to the Multi Interface Shoe


Caption “Forget about Shakiness” over clips of walking vloggers shooting selfie, showing the effect of image stabilisation


Caption “And Just Tell Your Story” followed by slow motion and quick motion clips




Clips of vloggers shooting out of a train window, shooting selfie in an urban area at night, shooting selfie indoors, and opening screen and beginning recording in an urban area, all with the camera mounted on a shooting grip


“SONY” logo




Caption “Vlog camera ZV-1”


Early scenes repeated with links to related videos superimposed in the four corners of the screen

Selfie using a tripod during makeup. Selfie using a tripod during makeup.

Designed for creators to love

Man taking video of night view in a high-rise building Man taking video of night view in a high-rise building

Recreate the world in your image

Manipulating a smartphone screen. Manipulating a smartphone screen.

Shoot then share easily

Taking selfies in the city. Taking selfies in the city.

Built to vlog

Shooting while looking at the LCD screen Shooting while looking at the LCD screen

Shoot like a pro

Large 1.0-type Exmor RS CMOS image sensor

BIONZ XTM image processing engine

4K movie recording

Directional 3-capsule mic with wind screen

Vari-angle LCD screen, body grip and recording lamp


Image of ZV-1
A : 60 mm (2 3/8 inches) / B : 105.5 mm (4 1/4 inches) / C : 43.5 mm (1 3/4 inches)