The Way The Artists Truly Intended

Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound in higher-than-CD quality with High-Resolution Audio. Passion for music unites every component from signal to speaker, so it feels like the artist is performing right in front of you.

Pure sound, wireless freedom 

True music at your fingertips

Feel the emotion behind every note. Featuring the newly developed LDAC codec – optimised for High-Resolution Audio class Bluetooth® streaming – these comfortable headphones capture the true essence of every track. Innovative new earcup touch controls allow you to connect with your music for an immersive listening experience.

Ultra-wide frequency range
Ultra-wide frequency

Hear deep lows, and a full range of sound up to 100kHz, when listening via a wired connection.

NFC and Bluetooth
One-touch listening

Use NFC to make a quick connection, then stream your favourite tracks via Bluetooth.

Long battery life
Up to 30 hours’ battery life

Listen all day long with Bluetooth on.

Passion for sound

Every subtle note, precisely reproduced

Hear sound that stays true to the original recording, no matter how high the volume is turned up. A powerful 40mm driver, with an aluminium-coated Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm, handles the heaviest beats with the utmost precision. 

What is High-Resolution Audio?

High-Resolution Audio takes you closer to the original studio recording by converting analogue music to digital at a higher rate than CD (24-bit/192kHz, rather than 16-bit/44.1kHz). While CDs and MP3s top out around 20kHz, High-Resolution Audio supports frequencies above 24kHz (as high as 100kHz on this model).

44.1KHZ / 16 BIT [CD]
103dB/mw sensitivity
High sensitivity

Play music loud and clear from any home system or portable device with high sensitivity of 98dB/mW.

Digital Sound Enhancement Engine

DSEE upscales compressed digital music (MP3, ACC, ATRAC, and WMA). It restores the highs and lows lost in compression, producing rich sound closer to CD quality.

Headphones with Bluetooth
Highest quality Bluetooth streaming

Developed by Sony, the Bluetooth LDAC codec takes your music streaming to a new level. It supports up to three times greater bitrate than typical Bluetooth streaming, 96kHz sampling rates and more efficient coding for CD-quality wireless sound.

Connect in an instant 

Make a quick wireless connection with NFC One-touch.

Built-in mic
Hands-free calls

Thanks to a built-in mic, you can take calls hands-free without removing your headphones.

Stream pure, undistorted music 

Built-in AAC and SBC codec support avoids signal loss when streaming from your smartphone or PC.

Touch, tap, swipe

Music at your fingertips with touch sensor control

Simply touch the earpads to stop or play tracks, swipe left and right for previous and next track, trace and stop for scanning, or swipe up and down to adjust volume.

Keep sound in

The enfolding design with ergonomic 3D earpads seals music in and keeps sound distractions out. Acoustics are reflected back towards your ears for the subtlest of sounds. 

Resounding acoustics
Luxurious look and feel

Make your style statement

These iconic headphones look as good as they feel, with a sleek metal headband that perfectly complements plush, leather earpads.

Pressure-relieving earpads
Pressure-relieving earpads

Soft leather earpads rise and shape around your ears for a snug, comfortable fit.

Closed back, wrap-around design
Seamless stitching

With smoother materials and seamless sewing, comfort and durability is exceptional.

Swivel earcups
Pack and go

Take your music anywhere. A sliding metal headband and swivel folding earcups make it easy to store your headphones in a suitcase or bag.