Images of Plug-in Car Navigation Module
Images of Plug-in Car Navigation Module
Images of Plug-in Car Navigation Module
Images of Plug-in Car Navigation Module
Images of Plug-in Car Navigation Module


Easy to set up

Turn your Sony AV receivers into a touch screen navigation solution powered by TomTom. Use our plug-in module kit to get the latest offline navigation for smarter journeys, and enjoy intuitive operation with an easy-to-use touch screen interface.

Everything you need, included

Everything you need to connect is included in the box when you buy. This includes the navigation unit, SD card (map data), power connection cable, touch fasteners, GPS antenna, control cable and antenna mount sheet. 

Interactive design

TomTom’s NavApp is a brand new way to interact. No more complicated menus, just pinpoint your destination by tapping the map and you’re ready to drive. You can also tap on a route to clear it or select a location to add it to your favourites.

Strengthen your GPS signal

Hook up the GPS antenna on the dashboard with an optimised mounting sheet to improve GPS signal reception. 

Six route types

The default route type is ‘fastest route’ but you can choose from six options, including most fuel-efficient, avoiding motorways, and shortest route. Your newly-set type is then used each time you plan a route. 

Find your destination easily

Long press on the map to find your destination quickly. Or use Free Text Search, where the system starts searching after you type three characters. As you type, matching addresses and places of interest pop up.

Speed panel

Get information like your current speed and the maximum speed limit in your current location. Details about your current route, including your estimated time of arrival, are shown in a side panel.

Preview turn-by-turn instructions

Select the ‘Show instructions’ option in the Current Route menu, and you can preview a list of turn-by-turn instructions. The distance shown in the list is the distance between the instructions.

My Places

Personalise your map with My Places. See your favourite places on your map and easily navigate to them time and time again. You can go to your recent places via the My Places menu too. 

Choice of colours

The default colour theme of the NavApp is blue, but you can change it to suit your liking. Only the elements displayed on the map, like the route, GPS pointer and favourites, will change. The map colours will stay the same.

Voice guidance 

Voice guidance means you can keep your eyes on the road as you listen to directions. Using the settings, you can even select which sets of instructions, such as early instructions, road numbers, road signs, street names and so on, should be read out.

On-screen gesture commands

Gesture commands make for an easy to use interface. Double tap, drag, flick, press and hold, tap or select to interact.


Get to your destination the smart way, with this easy to connect touch screen car navigation solution powered by TomTom. Connected to a compatible Sony AV receiver, you can enjoy the latest in offline navigation, interactive maps, free text search for addresses, voice guidance and more at your fingertips.
  • Easy to set up, fully equipped TomTom navigation unit

  • Interactive design compatible with Sony car audio devices

  • Six route types to suit every journey

  • Include favourite locations with My Places

  • Voice guidance and onscreen gesture commands

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