Article ID : 00197032 / Last Modified : 11/04/2018

Error: For InfoLITHIUM battery only or Use InfoLithium battery only.

    IMPORTANT: This issue is only with the battery NP-BN that is supplied with 2012 Cyber-shot cameras. The optional accessory NP-BN1 battery WILL work with all Cyber-shot cameras that use the N series batteries. Batteries supplied with 2011 Cyber-shot cameras will also work in a 2012 Cyber-shot camera.

    The NP-BN battery supplied with 2012 Cyber-shot digital still cameras will not work in Cyber-shot cameras manufactured 2011 or earlier.

    You will get this error if you are trying to use the NP-BN battery supplied with Cyber-shot cameras that were manufactured in 2012 in a Cyber-shot camera manufactured in 2011 or earlier.

    You will get this error because:

    • Cyber-shot cameras manufactured in 2011 and earlier, use an Infolithium key both in the camera and the supplied battery NP-BN1.
    • Cyber-shot cameras manufactured in 2012 no longer use the Infolithium key in the camera or with the supplied NP-BN battery.