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The progress bar stays at 0% when trying to do a software update.

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Follow these steps if the download screen stays at zero percent and the progress bar does not move when trying to update the TV.

  1. Using the supplied remote, press the Home button.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Product Support.
  4. Select Automatic Software Update.
  5. Select Off.
  6. Press the Home button to exit the menu.
  7. Turn the TV off.
  8. Wait 1 minute and then turn the TV back on.

    NOTE: Wait until TV is fully booted up and a network connection is established before proceeding to the next step. This may take about 2 minutes.

  9. Press the Home button.
  10. Select Settings.
  11. Select Product Support.
  12. Select Software Update.
  13. Select Yes to start the update.

NOTE: If the steps above do not resolve the issue, the update is also available as a USB download using a computer.