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Listening to music on the smartphone or tablet by one touch (DRC-BTN40K)

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By touching the receiver with the smartphone(*), the receiver is turned on automatically and then proceeds to pairing and Bluetooth connection.

* Although only smartphones are mentioned in the descriptions, the description applies also to tablets.

  1. Set the NFC switch to ON on the receiver.

  2. Touch the smartphone on the N-Mark of the receiver until the smartphone vibrates or plays a short sound.

    Unlock the screen of the smartphone beforehand.

    Follow the on-screen instructions displayed on the smartphone to complete the connection.

  3. Start playback on the smartphone.


  • When the NFC switch of the receiver is set to OFF, you cannot make a connection. You may set the switch to OFF to prevent the receiver from turning on or connecting with other devices if you touch the receiver with other device unintentionally. However, if you set the switch to OFF when the receiver is connected with another device, you can disconnect the receiver from the device by touching the receiver with the device.


  • Refer to the manual of the smartphone for the designated location to be touched on the smartphone.
  • If pairing and the Bluetooth connection fail, do the following.
    • Turn on the NFC function or activate “NFC Easy Connect” (if installed), on the smartphone, then move the smartphone slowly over the N-Mark.
    • Remove the case from the smartphone if using a commercially available smartphone case.