Article ID : 00182688 / Last Modified : 16/08/2017

Recorded Sound Issue for High Definition "Handycam" Camcorder HDRUX1 and HDRSR1

    Thank you for your support of Sony products.

    It has recently come to our attention that a limited number of Sony's High Definition Camcorder models HDRUX1 and HDRSR1 may exhibit the following symptom:

    When replaying footage recorded with the camcorder in high definition mode, the stereophonic or surround sound effect may not be reproduced accurately.

    This symptom is caused by a problem within the software of the unit and the sound is not processed properly when it is recorded.

    As the recorded sound data itself is not missing, this symptom can be corrected with a software update for the camcorders.

    Applicable models
    HDRUX1 and HDRSR1

    Applicable serial number
    To view the applicable serial numbers of the models affected, please click here.

    How to check serial number
    Please check the serial number on the label at the bottom of the camera.
    Sony offers to owners of the affected products, two methods to update the unit to resolve the symptom:

    1. Sony Authorised Service Centres:
      To arrange for your camcorder software to be updated please contact your nearest Sony Australia Authorised Service Centre to arrange an appointment. To locate your nearest Authorised Service Centre, please visit our Authorised Service Centre Finder.

      This service is provided on a free-of-charge basis by Sony and recorded data can be recovered upon customers' request. (Please refer to the section below on "Recovery of the recorded data".)

      This service will be available from November 22 onwards.

    2. Download Software Update from Website.
      Sony is preparing the program for the software update of the unit and data recovery. Details of this web service will be announced around early December. Please visit this website regularly for the latest updates.

    Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.

    Recovery of the recorded data
    Before Sony recovers customers' recorded data, please take note of the following:

    • Sony will view part of the content for recovery and confirm whether to proceed with the data recovery.
    • Sony may refuse the recovery of the contents due to copyright protection etc.
    • Sony is not liable for any recorded data that is missing or damaged during the recovery process. It is recommended that customers perform a back-up before the data recovery process.
    It is recommended that customers perform a back-up before the data recovery process.