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Konica Minolta Support

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Since mid 2005, Sony and Konica Minolta (K-M) have been working on the joint development of digital single lens reflex (SLR) cameras.

In January 2006, it was announced that a certain portion of K-M's assets related to digital SLR cameras will be transferred to Sony and, at the same time, K-M will consign its customer service operation for K-M cameras and related products to Sony.

As such, from April 1st 2006, Sony will assume the ongoing responsibility for after-sales service of K-M cameras and related products.

K-M products, which will be consigned to Sony for after-sales service, include 'Konica Minolta', 'Konica' and 'Minolta' brand:
  • Digital single lens reflex cameras,
  • Digital cameras,
  • Film single lens reflex cameras,
  • Film cameras,
  • Interchangeable lenses for single lens reflex cameras,
  • Camera accessories and accompanying items (except binoculars),
  • Film scanners,
  • Meters for photograph

*Please note that Konica Minolta continues to operate in the areas of business technologies, strategic optics and display devices.

Contact information for after-sales service

Sony Australia is offering a centralised call service (for the cost of a local call) to all K-M customers, who will be directed accordingly for repairs or assistance.

Support number 1300 364 178