Article ID : 00182757 / Last Modified : 16/08/2017

Removal of Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries from CLIÉ Handhelds

    Important Safety & Handling Information ? Change to Manual Instructions

    Most CLIÉ handhelds are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers long battery life. Sony is now providing additional safety information below for the following Sony CLIÉ handheld models:

    Sold in Australia*
    NX Series: PEG-NX70V/G, PEG-NX80V/G
    SJ Series: PEG-SJ33/G
    TG Series: PEG-TG50/G
    TJ Series: PEG-TJ25/G, PEG-TJ35/G
    UX Series: PEG-UX50/G

    The operating instructions contained with these models include directions for how to remove the internal lithium-ion battery from these devices.

    While it is physically possible for an individual to remove and replace a CLIÉ battery, Sony is now strongly advising that: USERS OF THE ABOVE-REFERENCED MODELS SHOULD NOT REMOVE THE INTERNAL LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES but instead have such work carried out by a professional Sony Authorised CLIÉ repairer.

    Important Handling & Safety Information
    Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive and should never be removed from the above-listed models unless by an authorized Sony CLIÉ repairer. The removal of such a battery by an inexperienced person may create a risk of short circuiting and overheating, potentially resulting in an injury.

    Such a risk could occur because the battery has not been fully discharged**, through use of metal instruments such as pliers or tweezers or other such mishandling of the device or battery.

    How to arrange for battery replacement
    If you have any concerns about your CLIÉ battery performance, please contact the Sony Customer Contact Centre who will discuss the situation with you, including the process for changing the battery, if required.

    Safe and Environmental Friendly Disposal of CLIÉ batteries
    Sony Australia has a implemented a recycling scheme to ensure that materials such as CLIÉ batteries do not end up in Australian landfill, but are diverted to the appropriate environmentally-friendly waste stream.

    We would like to encourage customers to ask our Sony Australia Customer Contact Centre about details of this service to ensure environmentally friendly disposal.

    If you have any questions about your CLIÉ handheld or CLIÉ battery, please contact the:
    Sony Australia Customer Contact Centre:
    Telephone: 1300 13 7669 (Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 6.00pm)

    * Models sold overseas were PEG-NX70V/H, PEG-NX73V/H, PEG-NX80V/H, PEG-SJ33/H, PEG-SJ33/G, PEG-TG50/H, PEG-TG50/G, PEG-TJ25/H, PEG-TJ35/H, PEG-TJ25/G, PEG-TJ35/G, PEG-UX50/H, PEG-UX50/G

    ** Even where the unit is not operational, users are advised not to assume that the battery has been fully discharged.