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How do I set up the LF-S50G?

    To use Google assistant, you must install the Google Home app on your smartphone, and initial settings must be set for the speaker.
    Install the Google Home app from the following page

    Google Play icon  App Store icon

    Important: A Google account is required to perform initial settings.
    If you do not have a Google account, create an account at the following page in advance.
    Create Google account 

    Perform the following procedure
    NOTE: Procedures may vary depending on your OS.

    1. Turn on LF-S50G.
    2. Turn on Bluetooth of the smartphone.
    3. Run Google Home and touch the   on the top-right area of the screen.
    4. Touch SET UP of LF-S50G.
    5. Touch YES when LF-S50G is found.
    6. Touch YES when sound is emitted from LF-S50G.
    7. If there are no issues automatically sharing information including your smartphone status and troubles for operability improvement, touch YES, I'M IN.
    8. Select the location of LF-S50G and touch NEXT.
      NOTE: The selected information is the name of the speaker displayed on the Google Home app.
      You can also apply any name with Add a custom room... at the bottom.
    9. Select the network to be used and touch NEXT.
    10. The password entry screen is displayed.
      Enter the password and touch CONNECT.
      NOTE: If you select the smartphone's connected network, the password entry screen is not displayed.
    11.  Check the settings of Google assistant and touch NEXT.
      When you scroll to the bottom of the screen, NEXT is displayed.
    12. When the Teach your Assistant to Recognize your Voice screen appears, touch I AGREE.
      If you touch NO THANKS, it will not distinguish the user.
      When the voice recognition screen is displayed, follow the instructions.
    13. Sets permissions for information based on the account.
      By touching I AGREE, you can acquire information (plans registered to the calendar) based on your Google Home account.
    14. Enter the address and touch CONFIRM ADDRESS.
      NOTE: Entering your address will improve services including traffic information and weather information.
    15. If additional music services are displayed, select the music service you want to add, and touch NEXT.
    16. If additional movie services are displayed, select the movie service you want to add, and touch NEXT.
    17. Select a device to operate by voice on Chromecast and tap NEXT.
    18. Check the content registered during setup and touch CONTINUE.
    19. Touch CONTINUE.
    20. Complete when FINISH SETUP is touched.