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All about Samba privacy policy

    Will Samba Interactive TV know what content I will be watching?

    According to Samba TV, when you opt into Samba Interactive TV on your TV, Samba TV may digitally recognize the on-screen content playing through your TV, such as shows and movies, utilizing its content database.

    Samba TV digitally recognizes such content from your TV’s internal tuner or external devices such as set-top box, Blu-Ray™ player, Roku® or Apple TV® device, or other video device connected to your TV by HDMI. Samba TV does not recognize content played by installed apps like Netflix® or YouTube™ applications installed on your BRAVIA TV.

    No image from the TV screen is captured and sent from your BRAVIA TV. Samba TV’s technology captures only limited digital pixel information in order to attempt to match the content being view to Samba TV’s database of publicly available content.

    Samba TV’s database only contains digital information regarding publicly available content, such as shows aired on public broadcast networks. As a result, Samba TV cannot recognize and does not know when you are watching personal, non-public content, such as home movies you shot with your video camera and played on your TV.

    Samba TV retains your TV viewing history by associating it with your television’s unique Samba TV ID.

    Further details, including Samba TV’s privacy policy and terms of service, are available at ( or via email at (

    How can I disable Samba TV Interactive TV?

    You can disable Samba Interactive TV at any time on your TV screen in System Preferences, submenu Samba Interactive TV. By disabling, the Samba Interactive TV stops collecting your TV’s content viewing history. If you continue to use any Samba apps, like Spotlight, you may need to take additional steps to stop collection of content viewing history in those apps. For further details, including Samba TV’s privacy policy and terms of service, see or contact Samba TV at (

    Samba Interactive TV Opt In

    Screen image and location of settings may differ on your TV model.

    What does Samba TV do with the digital information it collects from BRAVIA televisions?

    Samba TV uses the information it collects through Samba Interactive TV for a number of purposes, including to provide, maintain, monitor and analyze usage, and improve its services; personalize the company’s services and deliver recommendations, advertisements, content and features that match your interests; and, communicate with you about products, services, and events offered by Samba TV or others.

    Samba TV also collects information through Samba Interactive TV to respond to your comments and questions and provide customer service; and, to detect, investigate and prevent fraudulent and other illegal activities, so it may better protect the rights, safety and property of Samba TV and others.