Article ID : 00230081 / Last Modified : 15/07/2019

Troubleshooting playback issues with Android TV Streaming Services

    As a security feature, most popular third party streaming services require the TV time to match the actual time in that region. To ensure you can always access your favourite content, we recommend to synchronise your Android TV with the correct time and date.

    If you've noticed you are experiencing playback issues while using an application after the Oreo firmware update, please follow the steps outlined at: How to adjust the date and time or follow the steps below.


    1. Go to Settings at the top right hand corner of the screen.

    Note, these steps may vary depending on your version of Android TV. 

    Home Screen of Sony TV, Settings highlighted

    2. Scroll down to "Date & Time"

    Settings Menu, date and time selected

    3. Select "Automatic date & time"

    Date and Time menu, automatic date & time selected

    4. Choose “Use network time” if your WiFi router is already set to automatic time or alternatively “Use broadcast time” if you have configured and scanned for Free to Air channels on your TV.

    Automatic date & time screen, use network time selected.

    Once set, please press the “Home” button on the remote and check that the time shown by the TV is the correct time.

    If you're still experiencing issues, we recommend to read through some other possible solutions at: Android TV Applications for Australia