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How to cope with the problem when bundled applications of VAIO have become unable to start?

    When I installed system-related DLLs that might be included in utility programs for other companies' applications and connected peripherals, my PC has become unable to start bundled applications, only displaying error messages on the screen.
    My PC has become unable to start bundled applications, just displaying error messages.

    Refer to the followings.

    The following solutions should be referred to just as guidelines of such a symptom. Please note that, depending on the case of each user, they will not be applicable sometimes.


    - When some unusual symptom occurs on OS or applications and such a symptom occurs repeatedly without exception
    - When it is definite that the user has installed some application just before he tries to start a bundled application
    - When the symptom seems to be avoided by doing recovery
    - When it was judged that the malfunction was not caused by viruses

    *Operational procedures*

    Check if the above conditions are applicable to your problem.
    1) Uninstall the application installed just before the operation.
    (When the installed application is a resident type of application, the malfunction may possibly be avoided by making it non-resident temporarily.)

    2) Finish Windows and then start it in the safe mode. Install "Sony Shared Library" from the recovery CD.
    (When there are some files that cannot be installed, you may sometimes need to delete those files in the MS-DOS mode.)

    3) Restart the PC and check if the symptom occurs again.

    When the symptom still occurs, install each application from its recovery CD or its CD-ROM.

    4) When the symptom occurs even though you have reinstalled applications, you need to set up the system again with the recovery CD.

    It is not always necessary to uninstall applications. When the symptom ceases to occur with the installation of "Sony Shared Library", however, applications installed after "Sony Shared Library" do not run sometimes. If that is the case, it is up to the user's judgment whether he prefers to uninstall applications or not.

    VAIO tests its own operation in the state right after its recovery. There is a possibility that problems occurring after the installation of new applications may be caused by the fact that DLLs, for example, included in the newly installed applications happened to replace system files with the same names.

    As a result, applications and OS that use the replaced files will sometimes get some kind of impact on their operation.
    This solution describes the procedures to avoid such impacts when they negatively affect the PC.