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WIndows 9* - How do I force the termination of the program?

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How do I force the termination of the program when the following situation occurs?
- when application freezes.
- when I can't close the application using the normal procedure.

The forced termination of programs is by the [Close Program] window.

Unsaved data will be lost when a program is forcefully terminated.

1) Press [Ctrl] -> [Alt] -> [Del] simultaneously.
2) [Close Program] window comes up with current loading application list.
3) Choose the program you want to close and click [End Task] button.
(The program that shows [No Response] is the one that caused the freeze problem.)
4) Click [End Task] when the [There is no response from this program] message appears.

* Repeat step 1 if the [Close program] window doesn't appear with step 1.
* Restart Windows after the force termination in case the system is unstable.