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What is the use of a weight saver?

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What is the use of a weight saver?

Weight saver can be used in the following conditions.
1. To reduce the overall weight of the notebook computer.
2. As a mounting tray for an optional battery pack.
- It will be useful for users who want to extend the usage of the VAIO computer for long hours without connection to any power source.

Only applicable to PCG-NV7L:
1. Used when the entertainment bay is not needed or in use. It can be used as a storage space for name card, PC/PCMCIA card and Memory Stick.
Note: Installing of an optional/extended battery pack is not available.

To use the weight saver, user must remove the optical drive (for PCG-XE series) or floppy disk drive (for PCG-F or PCG-FX series) that was by default fitted to the multi-purpose bay of the VAIO computer.