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How to logon to the VAIO computer using fingerprints?

    Logging on to the computer using fingerprints.

    Protector Suite - QL Edition is assistant software for Fingerprint recognition and greatly enhances user's convenience when using the computer. Protector Suite - QL Edition enables logon to the computer using fingerprints. During user enrollment, fingerprint samples are scanned and the connection between fingerprint samples and the Windows user account is created. When the user logs on the next time, the enrolled Fingerprints are recognized and user logon is performed.

    Please refer to the following steps to enroll the fingerprints.

    1. Click Start -> All Programs -> Protector Suite QL and click Welcome.

    2. Click Next, select Verify password and enter the Windows account password. ( If user does not enroll the Windows account password, there will be a window allowing user to enroll the Windows account password at once.)

    The wizard cannot proceed if the current user does not have a Windows password. It is required that a password be created for the user first.

    3. Click Next. The Enrollment Hints window appears.

    4. Click on the opposite button first, and then c lick Next to save the Fingerprints on this window.

    5. Input the Fingerprints and click Finish.

    6.  Log off the user account.

    7.  Login through the fingerprints instead of password.