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    Connecting via an access point

    When you connect a camera that supports access point registration, Wi-Fi connection between the camera and Creators' App become possible via access points. Once connected via an access point, camera images can be imported to Creators' App and then uploaded to the cloud while your smartphone remains connected to the internet and without interrupting the Wi-Fi connection.

    • See Supported cameras for a list of cameras that support access point registration.

    Direct connection

    The camera and Creators' App connect directly by Wi-Fi.
    The connection between the camera and Creators' App is temporarily interrupted while images are being uploaded from Creators' App to the cloud.

    The camera and Creators' App are connected by Wi-Fi.

    Connection via an access point

    The camera and Creators' App connect by Wi-Fi via the same access point (SSID).

    The camera and Creators' App are each connected to the same access point by Wi-Fi. The access point is also connected to Creators' Cloud.
    • smartphone icon: smartphone operation
    • camera icon: camera operation
    1. smartphone iconOpen the camera screen in Creators' App and select [Setup] → [Camera Wi-Fi settings].
      • Configure Wi-Fi settings on a camera that is already connected via Bluetooth connection. (This is separate from the smartphone settings.)
    2. smartphone iconBased on what is displayed on the smartphone, perform one of the following operations.
      If [Are you sure to perform Camera Wi-Fi settings?] is displayed If access points appear on the [Camera Wi-Fi settings] screen
    3. camera iconOn the camera select MENU → (Network) → [Wi-Fi] → [Wi-Fi Connect] → [On].
      • Once a Wi-Fi connection is established between the access point and camera through this operation, the camera and Creators' App connect via the access point. When the process is complete, [Connected via Access Point] appears on the camera screen of Creators' App.
    • From the second time onward, the devices connect via the access point if it is available. If not, a direct connection is established automatically.