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    A message is displayed: [Bluetooth connection with the camera could not be established.]

    If a message such as this is displayed in Creators' App, you will need to delete the smartphone connection information. Follow the steps below.

    1. Connected cameras are listed in [Settings] on the smartphone. If your camera is listed, delete it.
      • The wording of the display varies depending on the smartphone (device connections, connected devices, Bluetooth, previously connected devices, etc.).
      • The deletion method varies depending on the smartphone, but in most cases you can tap (Settings) or (Information) to the right of the camera name.
        iPhone Bluetooth screen. There is an information icon to the right of the camera listing.
      • If the same camera is listed multiple times, delete all instances.
    2. Follow the instructions in "Connecting the camera to Creators' App" to connect the camera to Creators' App.
    3. If a connection still cannot be established after performing step ②, restart the smartphone. (Turn the power off and then turn it back on again.)