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    [An error occurred in the camera.] is displayed on the smartphone and [Correctly set the area/date and time.] is displayed on the camera during operations to link the camera with the cloud.

    Cameras cannot join the network unless they are set to the correct date and time. Set the camera to the correct date and time, and then try connecting again.

    If the error keeps occurring even after the date and time are set, check the following.

    • Check whether the camera has a stable connection with Wi-Fi. If (Wi-Fi connected, communication status good) is displayed on the camera monitor, the connection with Wi-Fi is stable. If the signal strength is insufficient, move to a place with a stronger signal, etc.
    • Public Wi-Fi that requires web authentication cannot be used. Make settings to use the Wi-Fi in your home or office, etc.
    • If connection is still not possible after trying the above, try connecting again later.