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    Uploading starts at a timing other than when the camera's power switch is set to ON

    Depending on the network environment and the camera's network usage, uploading may start at the following timings in addition to the primary uploading start operation (setting the power switch from OFF to ON).

    • When [Cloud Connection] is changed from [Off] to [On] in the camera MENU.
    • When operations such as the following are performed with [Cloud Connection] set to [On] in the camera MENU.
      • Disconnecting the cable after ending USB connection.
      • Changing [Wi-Fi Connect] from [Off] to [On] in the camera MENU.
      • Changing [Airplane Mode] from [On] to [Off] in the camera MENU.
      • Temporarily disconnecting and then resuming the network connection.
      • Using and then exiting another app (Transfer & Tagging or Creators' App for enterprise).
    • When the connection between Creators' App and the camera is changed from a connection that does not go through an access point to one that goes through an access point (you can check this on the Camera screen of Creators' App).