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Using an installer that does not require a network (Internet) connection to install PlayMemories Home.

    PlayMemories Home is normally installed while downloading the program file. The installer downloaded by the procedures below allows you to install "PlayMemories Home" without downloading the program file. A network (Internet) connection is necessary to download the PlayMemories Home installer.

    The PlayMemories Home installer downloaded by the procedures below can be copied to a computer not connected to a network to install PlayMemories Home on the computer by running the installer.

    NOTE: Refer to the following page for information on system requirements.

    PlayMemories Home system requirements:

    • Check beforehand:
      The network may be disconnected and the download of the installer may fail due to signal reception conditions if using a wireless network for your computer. Use a wired connection (LAN cable) to download more stably.
    • How to operate:
      Click on the Download button below to download the PlayMemories Home installer.
      NOTE: It may take time to download the installer depending on the network environment (communications speed) and computer operating environment.
    • Image

      Download the PlayMemories Home installer (PMHOME.exe) to your computer and perform the installation.

      For detailed installation instructions, refer to the following page.

      How to install the PlayMemories Home software