Article ID : 00103698 / Last Modified : 11/04/2018

I want to play High-Resolution Audio songs using Media Go.

    NOTE: A list of devices supported for use with the Media Go software is available at:
    The Media Go software may also work with other devices not on this list. However, we cannot guarantee operation if they are not on the list.

    Media Go (version 2.5 or later) can play High-Resolution Audio quality songs. However, you may need to change the computer settings depending on the output path of your computer.
    If the connected device does not support High-Resolution Audio, songs cannot be played in High-Resolution Audio quality.

    To output High-Resolution Audio from your computer via an external device connected by USB, consult the instruction manual of the device.

    NOTE: Media Go versions 2.5 to 2.7a support playback and output of High-Resolution Audio, but do not support "BitPerfect." (These versions of Media Go do not support WASAPI or ASIO.)
    Also, DSD format files are converted and output in PCM format and cannot be played as "native DSD."