Article ID : 00083257 / Last Modified : 10/05/2020

Unable to connect the Bluetooth headphones or speakers to a device that was paired previously.

    If you cannot connect Bluetooth Headphones or Speakers that were successfully paired before, check the following.

    1. Check that the headphones or speakers is not connected to another previously paired device.

      The headphones or speakers may be automatically connected to another previously connected device. Disconnect the Bluetooth connection with the previosuly paired device, and then try connecting with the desired device again. To disconnect the Bluetooth connection on the other device, refer to the instruction manual for that device.

    2. NOTE: The Headphones or Speakers can be paired with multiple devices, but cannot connect to two or more devices at the same time.

      NOTE for NFC compatible device:
      When using NFC-compatible devices, if you touch a device on the headphones or speaker, the device terminates the BLUETOOTH connection with the current device and connects with the headphones or speaker.

      To make a Bluetooth connection using NFC function, touch the smartphone on the N-Mark of the headphones or speaker. Keep touching the headset with the smartphone until the smartphone reacts.
      NOTE: Unlock the screen of the smartphone if it is locked.


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