Applicable Models

This information is for the following models:
  • VGN-TT46GG
  • VGN-TT46SG
  • VGN-TT46MG
  • VGN-TT46TG
  • VGN-TT47GG

File Info

File Name

  • To install Wireless LAN Driver

File Version

  • 12.4.3

File Size

  • 29.6MB

Release Date

  • 2009-10-26

System Requirements

  • Windows XP



1. Download the WirelessLANIntel.EXE file to a temporary or download directory (please note this directory for reference).
1. Go to the directory where the file was downloaded and double-click the WirelessLANIntel.EXE file to begin the installation.
2. Follow the installation wizard that appears.
3. At the License Agreement dialog, read the agreement. Click I Agree to continue with the installation.
Several setup boxes may briefly appear during the installation. Follow the installation wizard that appears.
4. When the installation finishes, please restart the computer if needed.