Applicable Models

This information is for the following models:
  • VGN-B55T
  • VGN-A29TP
  • VGN-S26TP
  • VGN-T17TP
  • VGN-S28TP
  • VGN-B55T
  • VGN-A29TP
  • VGN-S26TP
  • VGN-T17TP
  • VGN-S28TP

About this download

This upgrade program will added the following new features:
1. Music CD Import.
2. CD Information acquisition by CDDB.
3. Picture of Music CD added.
4. Photo acquisition from DSC/Memory Card.
5. Effects of slideshow.
6. DVD creation of common MPEG2 files

Available Download
VAIO Zone Version 1.2 Upgrade
File name: VAIO_Zone_CHT.exe
File size: 34.8 MB (36,539,528 bytes)

File Info

File Name

  • Installation of VAIO Zone Version 1.2 Upgrade

File Version

  • 1.2

File Size

  • 34.8MB

Release Date

  • 2005-02-03

System Requirements

  • Windows XP


IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with the upgrade, disconnect all external hardware devices, including PC Cards (except for Sony PCMCIA CD-ROM drive and Floppy Disk Drive).
Note: Ensure that the VAIO computer is operated using the supplied AC adapter.
Note: Do not run any program or restart the computer unless instructed to do so, during the entire installation process.

IMPORTANT: Before installing this upgrade program, please upgrade the following program from VAIO Downloads first.
- VAIO Media Integrated Server Version 3.1.02 Update for models pre-installed with Traditional Chinese Operating System



1. Download and double-click the VAIO_Zone_CHT.exe file.

2. Click OK and click Next to perform the upgrading process.

3. When the installation is completed, click OK to restart the computer.