The software updates of these models have ended and they are no longer available for download.

  • To check if your model is affected, you may refer to the Model List below.
  • Your software may already be up to date. To find out the existing software version, you may refer to Check the Software version of your TV for further instructions.

Model List

ModelsLatest Software versionRelease dateEnd date
KDL-32EX400, KDL-32EX500, KDL-32EX600, KDL-32EX700, KDL-32EX710, KDL-40EX400, KDL-40EX500, KDL-40EX600, KDL-40EX700, KDL-40EX710, KDL-40HX700, KDL-40HX800, KDL-40NX700, KDL-40NX710, KDL-40NX800, KDL-46EX500, KDL-46EX600, KDL-46EX700, KDL-46EX710, KDL-46HX700, KDL-46HX800, KDL-46HX900, KDL-46NX700, KDL-46NX710, KDL-52EX700, KDL-52HX900, KDL-52LX900, KDL-52NX800, KDL-55EX500, KDL-55EX710, KDL-55HX700, KDL-55HX800, KDL-55NX810, KDL-55NX815, KDL-60EX700, KDL-60LX900, KDL-60NX800, KDL-60NX810, KDL-60NX815Ver4.13101/201528/10/2021
KDL-22CX520, KDL-22EX420, KDL-22EX423, KDL-26EX420, KDL-26EX423, KDL-32CX520, KDL-32CX523, KDL-32EX420, KDL-32EX520, KDL-32EX523, KDL-32EX720, KDL-32EX723, KDL-40CX520, KDL-40CX523, KDL-40EX520, KDL-40EX523, KDL-40EX720, KDL-40EX723, KDL-40NX720, KDL-40NX723, KDL-46CX520, KDL-46CX523, KDL-46EX520, KDL-46EX523, KDL-46EX720, KDL-46EX723, KDL-46HX820, KDL-46HX920, KDL-46HX923, KDL-46HX925, KDL-46NX720, KDL-46NX723, KDL-55EX720, KDL-55EX723, KDL-55HX820, KDL-55HX920, KDL-55HX923, KDL-55HX925, KDL-55NX720, KDL-55NX723, KDL-60EX720, KDL-60NX720, KDL-60NX723, KDL-65HX920, KDL-65HX923, KDL-65HX925PKG4.02712/201428/10/2021
KDL-26EX550, KDL-32EX550, KDL-32EX650, KDL-32HX750, KDL-32HX75A, KDL-32NX650, KDL-40EX650, KDL-40EX65A, KDL-40HX750, KDL-40HX75A, KDL-40HX850, KDL-40HX855, KDL-40NX650, KDL-46EX650, KDL-46HX750, KDL-46HX75A, KDL-46HX850, KDL-46HX855, KDL-55HX750, KDL-55HX850, KDL-55HX855, KDL-55HX950, KDL-55HX955, KDL-65HX950, KDL-65HX955, KDL-32EX653, KDL-32HX753, KDL-40EX653, KDL-40HX753, KDL-40HX853, KDL-46EX653, KDL-46HX753, KDL-46HX853, KDL-55HX753, KDL-55HX853PKG2.12012/201428/10/2021
KLV-55EX630, KLV-60EX640Ver7.50612/201228/10/2021
KDL-55EX630, KDL-60EX640Ver8.01112/201228/10/2021
KD-55X8500A, KD-55X8504A, KD-55X9000A, KD-55X9004A, KD-65X8500A, KD-65X8504A, KD-65X9000A, KD-65X9004A, KDL-24W600A, KDL-32W600A, KDL-32W650A, KDL-32W654A, KDL-32W658A, KDL-32W670A, KDL-32W674A, KDL-40W900A, KDL-42W650A, KDL-42W654A, KDL-42W658A, KDL-42W670A, KDL-42W674A, KDL-42W800A, KDL-42W804A, KDL-42W850A, KDL-46W700A, KDL-46W704A, KDL-46W708A, KDL-46W900A, KDL-46W904A, KDL-46W950A, KDL-46W954A, KDL-47W800A, KDL-47W804A, KDL-47W850A, KDL-50W670A, KDL-50W700A, KDL-50W704A, KDL-50W708A, KDL-55W800A, KDL-55W804A, KDL-55W808A, KDL-55W850A, KDL-55W900A, KDL-55W904A, KDL-55W950A, KDL-55W954A, KDL-65W850APKG4.60010/201628/10/2021
KLV-22BX320, KLV-22CX320, KLV-26BX320, KLV-26CX320, KLV-32BX320, KLV-32CX320, KLV-32CX420, KLV-32NX520, KLV-40BX420, KLV-40CX420, KLV-40NX520Ver1.2410/201128/10/2021
KDL-22BX320, KDL-26BX320, KDL-32BX320, KDL-40BX420Ver2.27xxx09/201128/10/2021
KDL-50R550A, KDL-60R520A, KDL-60R550A, KDL-70R550AVer7.40604/201428/10/2021
KDL-32R420B, KDL-40R470B, KDL-48R470Bv1.12101/201528/10/2021
KDL-32R300B, KDL-40R350Bv1.51401/201528/10/2021
KD-49X8500B, KD-55X8500B, KD-55X9000B, KD-65S9000B, KD-65X8500B, KD-65X9000B, KD-65X9500B, KD-70X8500B, KD-75S9000B, KD-79X9000B, KD-85X9500B, KDL-32W700B, KDL-32W700C, KDL-40W600B, KDL-40W608B, KDL-40W700C, KDL-42W700B, KDL-42W800B, KDL-42W807B, KDL-42W900B, KDL-48W600B, KDL-48W608B, KDL-48W700C, KDL-50W700B, KDL-50W800B, KDL-50W807B, KDL-50W900B, KDL-55W800B, KDL-55W807B, KDL-55W950B, KDL-60W600B, KDL-60W850B, KDL-60W857B, KDL-65W950B, KDL-70W850B, KDL-70W857BPKG3.003GAA02/201728/10/2021

* For instruction on how to check the current software version of these products, refer to this Help Guide link and locate the Build number.

Check the Software version of your TV

To confirm if your TV is already on latest version or requires update, please refer to How to find the model name, serial number, and system software version for a BRAVIA TV to check the current Software version on your TV.

  • If the version shown on your TV is equal or higher than the latest version shown in the table, your TV is already on latest Software version and update is not required.
  • If the version shown on your TV is lower than latest version shown in the table, please contact us by selecting your country/region from this list of Contact Centres page.