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Let us help you find what you are looking for...manuals, firmwares, drivers, specifications and more

    The best way to find your information is to first reach your Product Page before you start searching with other keywords.

    1. Getting to your Product page

    The product page is the best platform to start your journey: that search bar only shows results applicable to your product.
    That narrows down the search!

    1. Make sure you know your model name. If you are unsure, this page can help you find it:
    2. Type in your model name in the search bar on the Support website.


      IMPORTANT: Make sure you type your model name correctly (including the hyphen (-) if applicable). The predictive search feature will help you make sure you’re typing the model correctly.
    3. Go to your Product Page by clicking on your product name in the auto-suggest feature or in the search results.


    2. Find Manuals and Help guides of your product

    • Once you're on your product page, all Manuals and Help guides are avilable under Manuals tab

    • Most products offer an extensive Help Guide, which you can access via the product page. The help guide has a convenient search function that will help you find information and functions within the guide.
    • PDF Manuals (Operating Instructions / Reference Guide / Startup Guide) on the other hand, are a great place to start when uncertain about procedures (e.g. a reset) or settings.
      Use the CTRL + F function in the PDF file to browse certain keywords. You can also click on menu anchors in some cases.

    3. Firmware / System Update / Drivers

    Get the latest firmware / system update / drivers by clicking on the Downloads tab for your model.


    With the latest update, you can enjoy:

    • New Functions or Benefits
    • Resolves known issues
    • Improves Connectivity or Compatibility

    4. Where’s that Specification?

    Interested in specifications? Each product page has a specifications link available under the model name.


    If you want to compare specifications, please visit How can I compare the specifications of the Sony product

    5. Ask the community

    If you’re struggling with something, chances are that someone has ask the question before.
    Try checking the Sony Community for possible solutions and tips.