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Introducing Sony Music Center

    Welcome to the new Sony Music Center app: a revamped version of the Song pal application, which hosts an array of new features and will improve your listening experience.

    Main features

    Sony's Music center allows users to

    • connect to multiple Sony audio devices and use the Music Center as a remote control
    • choose from various audio sources (multiple apps)
    • control playback and settings in a simple and straightforward manner  
    • enjoy Hi-Res Audio playback

    Summarised, it's the ideal hub to create the perfect listening environment, and getting the most out of your audio products. All tailored to your taste.

    So don't forget to update your Song pal application - if you are still using that version - to the new Sony Music Center.

    For more information, visit the Sony Music Center website.

    Screenshots Music Center


    The Music Center Android app is available in the Google Play Store.
    The iOS version is available on iTunes.