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An app isn't working

    If an app on your device isn't working properly, try these actions one after the other. Verify after each action whether the problem was solved before trying the next one.


    Downloaded apps that you have not downloaded on Google Play may not be fully compatible with your device. If the following actions do not solve the issue, contact the developer of the app for further information.


    The following steps may differ between Android versions. To learn which Android version your device has, find and tap Settings → About phone → Android version. If you do not see About phone under Settings, tap System.

    • Force the app to close down, and then open it again.

    To force stop an app (Android 12/Android 11/Android 10/Android 9) 

     To force stop an app (Android 8) 

    • If the app requires an internet connection, make sure that your device has an active internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile network), and that Airplane mode is turned off.

     To turn off Airplane mode 

    • Restart your device and then try to use the app again.
    • If your device supports STAMINA mode and it is activated, deactivate it and restart your device. Depending on the STAMINA level, different features will be restricted or disabled in order to reduce battery consumption. These include rendering performance, screen brightness, image enhancement, and GPS while the screen is off. Synchronizing of background app data or streaming may be disabled for some applications.

     To disable STAMINA mode (Android 12/Android 11/Android 10)

     To disable STAMINA mode (Android 9/Android 8) 

     To restart your device 

    • Update the app on Google Play if you don't have the latest version. Not all apps can be updated on Google Play.
    • Clear the cache for the app to delete any temporary files in the app's memory that may be causing the problem. You will not lose any personal data by clearing the cache.

     To clear application cache (Android 12/Android 11/Android 10) 

     To clear application cache (Android 9) 

     To clear application cache (Android 8) 

    • Clear all app data that has been saved by the app since you started using it. Note that all personal data saved by the app, such as login information and settings, will be erased.

     To clear application data (Android 12/Android 11/Android 10) 

    To clear application data (Android 9) 

     To clear application data (Android 8) 

    • Uninstall all updates for the app to reset the app. All personal data saved by the app, such as login information and settings, will be deleted. If possible, update the app again on Google Play.

     To uninstall updates for an app (Android 12/Android 11/Android 10/Android 9) 

     To uninstall updates for an app (Android 8) 

    • Uninstall the app, and then reinstall it. Note that some pre-installed apps cannot be uninstalled.

     To uninstall an application from the Application screen (Android 12/Android 11/Android 10) 

     To uninstall an application from the Application screen (Android 9/Android 8) 

    • Update your device to ensure that you have optimal performance and the latest enhancements.
    • Perform a factory data reset. This is sometimes the best solution if your device stops functioning properly, but note that it will delete all personal content saved on the internal memory of your device. Make sure to back up data that you want to keep.

     To back up your data using a computer 

     To back up and synchronize apps, phone settings, and call history 

     To perform a factory data reset (Android 12/Android 11/Android 10)

     To perform a factory data reset (Android 9) 

     To perform a factory data reset (Android 8)