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The sound during calls is bad

    If you experience that the sound quality is bad during calls, try these actions one after the other. Verify after trying each action whether the problem was solved before trying the next one.


    The following steps may differ between Android versions. To learn which Android version your device has, find and tap Settings → About phone →  Android version. If you do not see About phone under Settings, tap System.

    • Check the network signal strength in the status bar to make sure your device is connected to a network. If the signal is weak or you have no signal, move to an open location that is free from obstructions, or get close to a window.
    • If your device uses a cover or a case, remove it to see if the sound quality improves.
    • Make sure that your hand isn’t covering the phone microphone, and check that there is no water or dust blocking the microphone or the area around the microphone.
    • Turn off your device and then turn it back on. By doing this you turn off all running applications and free up memory, which sometimes automatically solves the issue.
    • Make a call to another phone to confirm that there isn’t a problem with the ear speaker of the phone you were calling when the problem arose. If possible, make a call with a different SIM card, to make sure that your current SIM card isn’t defective or old.

    If the suggested solutions do not work, try the following actions:

    • Carry out a quick test to verify that the microphone and ear speaker are working properly.

     To carry out a test using the Support 

    • Use Safe mode to check if any downloaded applications are causing the problem. In Safe mode, your device only starts with software and applications that were already installed when you purchased your device. If the device’s performance improves in Safe mode, it’s likely that one or more of your post-purchase downloaded applications are affecting the device negatively. You can exit Safe mode and restart the device to uninstall the application or applications that you suspect are causing the problem. If the problem is recent and you're not sure which application is causing the problem, you can start by uninstalling the most recently downloaded application.

     To enable Safe mode 

     To uninstall an application from the Application screen (Android 12/Android 11/Android 10) 

     To uninstall an application from the Application screen (Android 9/Android 8) 

    • Update your device to ensure that you have optimal performance and the latest enhancements.
    • Perform a factory data reset. This is sometimes the best solution if your device stops functioning properly, but note that it will delete all personal content saved on the internal memory of your device. Make sure to back up data that you want to keep.

     To back up your data using a computer 

     To back up and synchronize apps, phone settings, and call history 

     To perform a factory data reset (Android 12/Android 11/Android 10) 

     To perform a factory data reset (Android 9) 

     To perform a factory data reset (Android 8)